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Stu Hallybone He/Him
Creative Director

Stu is a senior Creative Director with more than two decades of true ‘through the line’ experience in digital, social, branding, tech, PR, events, and ATL.

An earned creative specialist, inspiring leader and strategic collaborator, he has built departments, and led global teams. His work resonates with audiences through cultural insight and clever execution.
Working closely with brands, he has proudly persuaded people to swap cigarettes for smiles, send babies to sleep with petrol engine lullabies, and even convinced a client to graffiti on their own billboards... One campaign was so believable that it almost started an intergalactic war.

Stu is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion and a champion for neurodivergent minds in the creative industries - recently voted one of the top 80 neurodiverse advocates to follow in the UK.
He’s also committed to mentoring up-and-coming creative talent, hoping to inspire the next creator generation, and is totally unapologetic in his obscure film and literary references.
Did I mention that he’s written for Kermit the Frog?🐸✨

The Rules:

Make things people are inherently interested in, show empathy, and be respectful.
Always tell the truth, work hard, and try not to take yourself too seriously.

Good things happen when the right people get together.

About Me: About Me
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